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Starting list CO2022

The starting lists for CO 2022 are ready. Check them out here!

All changes to the start times will be possible to make before the competition in the finish tent.

A start control will be set up at the start, for all those who for some reason will be late for their start.

You will be able to get SI chips in the finish tent.

srijeda, 6. srpnja 2022.

Croatia Open 2022 - info for participants!

Event: Croatia Open 2022 - info

Organizer: OK Ris Delnice

Date: July, 31st- August, 5st 2022

Place: Delnice (Zrinski vrh), Krk, Sunger, Crni Lug

Event director: Ivica Urbanc, struč. spec. cin., phone: +385 98 1718376

Start list: Will be placed the finish area and in the start area.

Race bibs: Will not be used.

Punching: Sport Ident system. SI cards can be rented at a price of 2€ per stage. In case of SI-station failure you need to perform manual punching on the map. Place for manual punches is marked on the bottom of the each map. Miss punching results in disqualification.

Start procedure: Every competitor is responsible to „clear“ his SI card  before entering the start corridors. Clear stations will be placed in start corridors. When your start time is shown on entry clock you need to enter into corridor where your SI card and start number is going to be checked. Punch clear station with SI card.  In next minute you are entering for check station and can take reserve control descriptions (only in case if you forgot to take it from your club bag). In the last minute you should stand near your category map and wait for sound signal which defines start time. It is forbidden to turn over and look at maps before start signal!!

Retirement: If you decide to give-up in race you are obligated to report that to the organizer in finish area.

First aid: Will be provided in finish area on all stages.

Clothing: There are no restrictions, but we recommend that your clothing covers your entire body with exception of head and arms.

Official transport: Will not be provided this year!

Footwear: Restrictions only for stage 2 (sprint) – spike shoes forbidden – normal running shoes are recommended! For all other stages no restrictions.

Transport towards the start: By foot for all stages.

Clothing transport from start to finish: Will be provided. 

Toilets: In finish area (no toilets on start!).

Trash: Please dispose trash into trash cans. Stages will be organized in areas where special care about nature is required (strict nature reserve, national park and old town Krk) so take care of the environment – thank you!

NP Risnjak, Crni Lug
Food: According to your own choice. For the first and third stages, there will be no food and drinks. Other stages: Krk: we recommend Konoba Nono, Crni Lug: restaurant of the Risnjak NationalPark.

Club tents: It is allowed for teams to make club tents in finish area. Organizer is not taking any responsibility for your tent during event.

Shadowing: accompanying competitors is allowed ONLY for Beginners, M10, W10, OPEN SHORT and OPEN LONG.

Dogs: Dogs must be on a leash at all times.

Insects: In Croatian forests you can run across ticks, wasps and mosquitoes. We recommend you to use insect repellent lotion or spray.

Protest: Should be made at finish area up to 1,5 hour after the last start. Organizer will answer on it right-away with positive or negative answer.

Insurance: All participants at Croatia open 2022 take part at their own risk. We recommend you to have travel insurance.

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CO2022 Control descriptions

We have prepared control descriptions by days at the following links:

1st stage (middle distance) 

2nd stage (sprint) 

3rd stage (sprint) 

4th stage (short-long distance) 

5th stage (middle distance) 

Control descriptions will be printed on maps.

Please print out additional control descriptions before coming to the competition.

You can still make an application for the summer in Croatia: July 15th, 2022 – 3rd - entry deadline.

See you soon, CO team!